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1KG Brand is a full-service independent brand consultancy that helps clients build great brands through purposeful strategy, design, messaging, and navigating complex digital landscapes.


We know that the process of creating, building and managing great brands requires a carefully orchestrated interplay between inspired creativity and analytical rigor. There must be objectivity and collaboration, within the organization and throughout the endeavor. Creating great brands is a matter of knowing both where and how to look… for unseen truths… unmet customer needs… hidden opportunities.

We believe in five universal truths that apply to all brands:

·       Brands drive sustained growth by connecting to both the heart and the mind – to emotion and reason in equal measure.

·       Brands are crafted and expressed through inspiration and creativity, applied to a careful understanding of rational and emotional drivers of preference and loyalty.

·       Brands must retain relevance and appeal through careful maintenance over time, using intelligent brand management techniques and metrics to measure both financial and perceptual performance.

·       Brands are economic assets to be invested in and managed for financial returns.

·       Brands, if managed well, enable organizations to embody their aspirations and inspire stakeholders – customers, employees, partners and the investment community.

We bring purposeful strategy, design and messaging together to enable you to take your brand to the next level.