Outstanding design is at the core of what we do. 1KG Brand has assembled an exceptional multilingual and multicultural group of designers. Each member of this diverse and talented team brings a unique perspective to every assignment. It makes for a vibrant and energetic creative environment where the best of many distinctive design ideas rise to the top. Whether it’s a new identity, a website, printed collateral, a mobile experience – or all of the above – we have the skills and experience to create truly distinctive design solutions.

At its core, design is about solving problems. The medium changes from project to project, but the elements of good design remain the same. What is the objective? Who is the audience? What are we communicating? What is the overall visual personality? At 1KG Brand, we solve these problems every day – with authority, clarity and unswerving attention to detail. Over the years, we have helped companies across many industries create memorable logos and build strong identities. We can do the same for you.

Diversity is a particular strength of the 1KG Brand design team. We bring multicultural insight that elevates our work above the expected. We combine a passion for art, design, color, texture and typography with close collaboration and lively interaction. Each of our designers brings a unique skill set and viewpoint. When they mix, the result is a better outcome.

We are a team of skilled individuals that see the big picture, working to discover seamless solutions in any medium; we see the world as our canvas. Behind all of our design is a strong strategic focus. A fact-based, insightful direction is what keeps our creativity on a clear path to success. Passion and drive, combined with artistry and deep thinking, are what set 1KG Brand apart from the rest.

We offer enhanced value with the ability to go beyond a narrow project focus, delivering fully realized, integrated design solutions:

·       Corporate identity

·       Logo design

·       Signature systems

·       Identity standards

·       Implementation guidelines

·       Collateral systems

·       Marketing communications

·       … and much more.